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How Often Should a Water Softener Regenerate

If you’ve recently discovered you have hard water at home, you may be interested in proactive steps to solve the problem. A water softener system is your best option. These units help remove hard sediment in water and provide a more refreshing drink overall. You may have a few questions first, though. One such question may be regarding how often a water softener regenerates.

Why does a water softener regenerate?

When running an ion exchange water softener, the hard water is passed through a softening material known as resin. As the minerals in the water meet the resin, the resin itself holds onto the hard materials.

With the material trapped in the resin bed, the water becomes “soft.” Over time, this resin will become completely engulfed in hard minerals and requires cleaning. Backwashing, or regeneration, then takes place. The system regenerates the resin to ensure the softening process can continue once more. It’s quite a neat system that does not gain enough attention these days.

How often does a water softener regenerate?

As you likely know from your research, there are a variety of softener makes and models, each with their own valve systems, too. A water softener regenerates when the control valve says to. There are two types of settings:

  • Time-Initiated Regeneration – A clock on the control valve, typically set for the same time each day, ensures the system regenerates. The default setting is generally at 2 AM. The process repeats once per week, at minimum.
  • Demand Regeneration – With demand regeneration settings in place, the control valve tracks water usage and initiates “regeneration mode” after a predetermined amount of water passes through the softener bed.

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