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Grease Trap Is Not Just a Dirty Word! How a Grease Trap Can Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

A grease trap is a plumbing device found in most commercial kitchens and eateries to capture fat, oil, or grease before it enters the sewer system. Grease is prevalent in a restaurant’s kitchen, especially an active one. While grease traps are a legal requirement for eateries, few business owners understand the benefits of these devices. They simply consider them gross, but they’re not.

Benefits of a Grease Trap

If you run a restaurant, a grease trap is not optional. However, you will always enjoy the following benefits by having one:

  • A grease trap’s job is to eliminate backflows. Avoiding this problem saves you time and money on your business’ plumbing system.
  • A grease trap is often a selling point for a business, as it shows you care about the environment.
  • Maintaining your septic tank is crucial. A grease trap prevents grease or oil buildup in the septic tank, ensuring it continues operating in excellent condition.
  • Economically, most grease traps are made of stainless steel; they are durable and long-lasting.
  • Captured grease is recyclable. With zero waste comes increased savings!

Grease Trap Maintenance

Like any plumbing appliance found in your home or business, a grease trap must be serviced regularly by a professional. More so for a grease trap.

A grease trap is located in the sewer and drainage system of your restaurant. Its primary function is to catch unwanted materials from entering the waste management system. A few factors that will play into the maintenance schedule of a grease trap includes:

  • Volume of business
  • Type of food prepared
  • Capacity of the grease trap

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