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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

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Fortunately, your garbage disposal is one of those appliances with a long lifespan. But just like everything else, there comes a time when repair is no longer suitable and it needs to be replaced. Here are some indicators for when garbage disposal replacement is your best option.

It Gets Clogged Often

Gross, right? Who wants to repeatedly unclog their garbage disposal from old food buildup? If you’re left cleaning up the mess that your disposal didn’t resolve every time you do dishes, it’s probably time for a new disposal.

It’s Abnormally Noisy

Garbage disposals tend to be a little loud inherently, but if yours has gotten very loud over time, that could be a sign that it’s working harder than it should have to. In this case, your best bet is to replace the disposal.

It’s Really Slow

Your disposal should work and drain in seconds; if it is super slow and takes awhile for your sink to drain, it needs to be looked at.

You Have to Constantly Reset It

Garbage disposals have a reset button that you can push if it unexpectedly stops functioning. If you have to constantly reset the device for unknown reasons, look into replacing with a newer model.

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