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The Most Important Things to Do If You Encounter a Gas Leak

Many people today utilize gas-powered appliances in the home or office. The benefits of using gas are clear – however, precautions must be taken, too. Even if you have never experienced a gas emergency, it pays to know what to do in the rare chance a gas leak occurs. Knowing the appropriate steps can help keep everyone safe and ensure peace of mind.

Steps to Take

In the event of a gas leak, first and foremost have everyone leave the building. Once you’ve had an opportunity to breathe fresh air and clear your head, you may consider opening a few windows or doors to let the building aerate, if the leak is not too severe. Next, you’ll want to shut off all gas appliances that may be causing the leak. Refrain from using said appliances until an engineer has assessed the situation, and calls an all-clear when it’s safe.

If you suspect the gas leak is too severe to handle, call emergency services. Do not re-enter the premises until they deem it safe to do so.

Furthermore, if you feel weak, nauseated, dizzy, or experience blurry vision, go to the hospital. You may be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning due to the gas leak.

What Not to Do

If you smell gas, taking the appropriate steps is as important as avoiding certain actions. For instance:

· Do not re-enter the premises if the gas leak is severe
· Do not smoke or light any type of flame
· Do not turn on any electrical devices, appliances, or lights
· Do not use your phone inside the home
· Do not open the garage door

Immediately call emergency services, then bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Amarillo. We are trained to handle the situation.

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