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3 Factors to Help You Choose the Best Whole House Water Filtration System

Finding the perfect water filtration system for your home is no easy task. In this case, research truly does pay off. If you have even the slightest concern with the purity of your water, a whole-home filtration system is the answer. It helps remove harmful chemicals, contaminants, and sediment, leaving clean water for you to enjoy. Whether you’re using well water or a municipal supply, a filtration system can help.

Removing Contaminants

Contaminants may cause a bad odor or taste in a municipal water supply, and even in well water. Water filters treat these unwanted “symptoms” using granular activated carbon, along with a chlorinator to remove bacteria. Carbon helps remove unpleasant tastes and smells. Your water may be cloudy for the first few weeks once you’ve changed out the filter. However, this does not affect the water’s potability. In other words, it is quite suitable for drinking. Running the water for a few seconds can help remove the cloudiness, too.


Your chosen water filtration device should offer a convenient transparent housing. The transparency allows you to determine when the sediment filter has changed color, signaling that it’s time for a replacement.

The filter is designed to remove as many contaminants and as much sediment as possible. Over time, the filter will wear down and accumulate debris. When the filter becomes flooded with contaminants, it is less capable of removing those harmful contaminants altogether.

Micron Filters

Speaking of filters, find yourself a model that offers numerous micron filters to remove sediment, dust, and rust from your water supply. These contaminants are harmful to your health. A proper carbon filter will adequately remove each contaminant, providing a healthier water supply – and peace of mind.

If you’re unsure of the filter type, consider speaking with an expert beforehand.

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