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Your Problem-Solving Guide to Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Amarillo

For the most part, residential water heater issues are self-evident. Once you turn on the hot water faucet and get an abundance of cold water instead, there’s obviously a problem! Or perhaps you’ll notice dripping or puddling near the hot water heater tank. Sometimes strange noises emanate from the water heater. You can follow our problem-solving guide to help ensure top repair and maintenance in Amarillo.

No Hot Water

No available hot water remains the most aggravating issue stemming from a problematic hot water heater. Typically, a lack of hot water means the unit is not working at all. Often, the problem lies with the energy source. Most homes use gas or electricity.

Repairing the issue depends on the type of hot water heater. While these units appear quite similar – gas and electric – they actually operate and heat very differently. A gas water heater will have a flue near the top, while an electric model is connected to a nearby circuit. The gas unit may have a bad pilot light. The electric unit may have a short.

Not Enough Hot Water

Another common problem homeowners experience is not enough hot water being supplied throughout the entire household. What’s happening here? There’s a few reasons for this. For instance, if you don’t have an adequate supply of hot water, the tank you have installed may not be large enough to provide the necessary supply for the whole home.

Alternately, the tank itself may need to be flushed. Over time, minerals and sediment will build up at the bottom of the tank, taking up valuable space once held by hot water. If the buildup has begun to erode the tank, you’ll need a full replacement.

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