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5 Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair for Your Amarillo Home

You may have heard horror stories of homeowners paying for extensive sewer line repairs. At one point, the job was dirty, costly, and typically ruined your landscape. Those days are long gone, though. Today, we have the technology and training to handle sewer line repairs without devastating the lawn. First, diagnosing the problem is crucial. It’s not wise to simply pop open the sewer line without warrant. These five signs should indicate a sewer line issue at your Amarillo home.

Gurgling Noises

On occasion, you may notice a slight gurgling noise emanating from the bathtub drain or when your toilet flushes. These are not good signs to have in your home. Do not solely depend on a plunger to solve the problem. It won’t work.

Odd Smells

The smell of sewage is far more prominent around your home or yard when your main sewer line has clogged. The waste has nowhere to flow properly. As such, the system backs up and you’ll start to notice the troubling odors.

Soggy Yard

Next, we have a soggy yard. Significant pooling often points to a sewage leak. This pooling may also be the source of the odd smells we mentioned before. Take note of the puddles and be sure to let your plumber know.

Slow Drainage

When your drains take too long to empty, it can often be a cause for worry. Be wary of drain-cleaning products, as they tend to cause more trouble than they’re worth. A slow drainage situation may mean a blockage. The water and waste have nowhere to go.

Inconsistent Toilet Bowls

By inconsistent toilet bowls, we mean the water inside the bowl itself. You may notice that, one day, your toilet bowl is full – properly so. The next day, there is almost no water whatsoever. It’s an inconsistency that often points to a larger issue. This symptom may mean a clog in the sewer line causing a backup.

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